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Are you suffering from neck pain sitting in front of your computer when working?

Have you struggled with the mess of twisted cables on your desk due to limited space?

With Vaydeer USB3.0 hub monitor stand riser, the problem above will be solved. Vaydeer monitor riser aims to correct your sitting posture, protect your eyes and save you extra space on your desk. Choose Vaydeer monitor riser, choose a healthy life.

💖Less Wire, More Convenience

Most people have struggled with the twisted cables on a small desk when there are multiple devices that need to be connected to your PC at the same time. It's time-consuming and annoying to find the cable you need among many cables and make them neat.

💖Expand the Connectivity of Your PC

Equipped with 3xUSB2.0 ports and 1xUSB3.0 port, the connectivity of your PC will be greatly expanded by using a Vaydeer monitor stand riser.No matter you want to connect more devices to your computer or your laptop has only one type-c port, this monitor riser will help you out. You can use it as a USB3.0 hub to transfer the data. One monitor riser brings you unlimited possibilities.

💖Work with Vaydeer, Work with Comfort

Vaydeer has been committed to the combination of product practicality and customer health. This monitor stand riser will improve and correct your posture when sitting in front of your computer. Lifting the monitor to your eye level makes sure the pressure of your neck and back is released, you will work with more comfort and in a more healthy way.

💖Make Your Desk Neat and Tidy

Thanks to the raised design, the Vaydeer monitor stand riser creates extra storage space on your desk.

💖Durable and Solid

Made of high-quality galvanized steel with a reinforced structure, the Vaydeer monitor riser is capable of holding up the monitors to 66 pounds and 27 inches. Most popular monitors are supported.

  • 【Multiple USB Ports】Equipped with 1xUSB3.0 port and 3xUSB2.0 ports, Vaydeer monitor riser maximizes the connectivity of your PC and type-c-only laptop. Connecting multiple devices at the same time is of no difficulty for Macbook or Matebook.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】This monitor riser lifts your monitor to a higher position which makes you change your posture in a proper and healthy way reducing neck and eye pressure.
  • 【Durable Material】This monitor stand riser is made of high-quality galvanized steel and capable of holding up monitors to 27 inches and 66 pounds. Most monitors are supported.
  • 【Space-saving】There is more space available on the desk using the Vaydeer monitor stand riser. You can put frequently used stuff under the monitor riser to save more space on your desktop.
  • 【Warranty】Vaydeer offers a 1-year warranty, you can contact us if you have any problem.

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