Q&A about Vaydeer Monitor stand

Q1.U Flash Disk, Hard disk device,mobile phones ,keyboard and mouse or other devices do not work with the data transmission, please follow the instructions for your reference:

A: (1) Be sure the USB Data cable is connected correctly to computer (please refer to the instructions)

   (2) Be sure the indicator light is blue the leg of the monitor stand  

   (3) Whether you large-capacity(Hard disk device) storage is over 1T,  then we need an external 5W charging QC or DC for external power supply.

Be sure there no any problems with the computer USB Ports. Please plug the data cable into to the computer USB ports.If the data cable is not available ,please replace the data cable.


Q2.Too slow of charging your devices

A:Please confirm whether the charging cable is connected to the fast charging USB port with lightning bolt (The only green port)


Q3.Wireless charging is not working properly or wireless charging too slow. Please follow the steps below to solve problems.

A:(1)Please make sure that your cell phones supports Wireless charging

(2)Please check if the phone is placed in the center of the wireless charging area,you can adjust the position of your phones to find the proper position

(3)Please check if the phone is with metal or over thick (more than 5mm) phone case. Please remove the case, and then try it again. 

(4)Please check the Data cable is connected correctly (please refer to the instructions as the pictures)

(5)Please replace the power cord or QC(DC) and please try it again. If your devices still can't get any charging  please contact our customer service,our technical specialist will solve any problems asap


Q&A about Vaydeer Macro Keyboard

Q1.Can you use and program 2 of the macro keyboards at the same time on 1 windows PC?

A:The software cannot recognize two keyboards at the same time, and the software-dependent functions in the red box will be affected, but it can be set to the keyboard first plugged into the computer. Set separately first, and then can be used at the same time.

Customer service email address:  vaydeer2021@hotmail.com